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Delilah Davis and Steven St. Croix in “Less Talking, More Sucking” – TrickySpa

The Gentleman strikes again. I’ll get to the striking in a second, but first I have to tell you how it all started. Today, my neighbor Delilah came in for a massage, and it was my pleasure to run my hands over that beautiful tanned body and her succulent skin I dream about tasting every day! For the last while, Delilah has been having this guest over while Mike has been at work! Of course I had to ask who the new guy was, but I never expected her to lie! Sometimes this game is so easy! The pussy just falls in your lap. But, maybe that’s just my charm! Luckily my expert knowledge of musculature was at hand, it was so easy to push Delilah past her boundaries at every turn. My emotions get the best of me sometimes and it only takes her little lies to get me behind Mike’s back! Of course I got what I needed too; you should have seen me fucking her throat! Mike will have to find out she’s a cheater all on his own because I always respect my promises!

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